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PICK Transit

Secure | Comfortable | Convenient

We don't just sell you tickets & tours, we bring a lot more to the table: Pick Transit.

Whether you’re a corporate or personal client we strive to ensure a seamless outbound service when booking from us. PICK Transit is a secure and efficient personalized car hire service which we make readily available to our esteemed customers. All you have to do is book a flight or tour package with us and you’re valued with a unique add on service. Trust Us, Going to the airport should always feel this good!

Book A Pick

  • AgegeN7,000.00
  • AlimoshoN7,000.00
  • Ifako-IjayeN9,000.00
  • Ikeja-GRAN6,000.00
  • KosofeN5,000.00
  • MushinN5,000.00
  • Oshodi-IsoloN6,000.00
  • ShomoluN5,000.00
  • MagodoN6,000.00
  • ApapaN5,000.00
  • Victoria IslandN8.000.00
  • Lagos IslandN7,000.00
  • Maryland/Yaba/OjotaN6,000.00
  • SurulereN6,000.00
  • Ajeromi-IfelodunN6,000.00
  • IkoroduN10,000.00
  • LekkiN8,000.00
  • IkoyiN8,000.00
  • AjahN10,000.00
  • BadagryN20,000.00

Call  +234 (0) 803 305 2448 to book a ride. All trips are strictly FROM/TO the Airport (MMA2 or MMA) and attracts the same fee for the return trip.


PICK Transit is a fast and reliable secure transport service which prides itself on getting clients to the airport on time. Every client is picked up by well maintained and luxurious vehicles driven by experienced and trained chauffeurs dedicated to your service.


PICK Transit maintains an inventory of luxurious spacious cars at the convenience of all clients. This ensures that everyone using its service is relaxed and treated to the best service during their transit. We ensure all needs are met, so sit back, relax and have a good time.


PICK Transit currently specializes on airport transit. We prioritize your need for reliability, time management and efficiency. Our services come as an add on with Vickmitchy related ticketing services. It can also be booked online or via telephone. We pride ourselves on a reliable, customer oriented and secure service at affordable rates.